Do you offer home visits?

Yes. Dr Court is happy to arrange house visits. The cost of the visit depends on the time taken to complete the visit including travel to and from your home.Visits can be arranged at any time by calling the practice on 020 7580 5411. During out of hours this number will provide appropriate contact or bleep numbers.

How are results handled?

Most blood test results are returned within 24 hours. The means by which results are returned to you will be prearranged at the time of initial consultation. This may be by review at the surgery or by telephone as appropriate.
How and to who are referrrals made?

Referring patients on for specialist investigations, treatments and advice is an important part of General Practice. The decision to refer is made based upon the wishes of both the patient and Dr Court and the referral is made after discussion and is based upon the individual needs of the patient in each case.

Will my Medical Insurance Policy cover Dr Court's fees?

Some insurance policies will cover General Practice or Primary Care services. Typically International polices and some American Policies will. Some policies will often cover the costs of further tests and investigations which may be required before you are referred to a specialist. It is advisable to check with your insurer with respect to cover.